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Are you looking for a reliable, experienced partner to care for your website?

As Umbraco Platinum Partners located in Birmingham, we have been experts in Umbraco since 2010 and have delivered 200+ projects for both the UK and International organisations.

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What can we help you with?

Whatever assistance or services you need, our unmatched Umbraco support and maintenance plans set you up for success. Led by our friendly team of experts who are always on hand to help, our services include:

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Prompt Bug Resolution

Have an issue? Just submit a ticket. A certified Umbraco engineer will take charge, delve into the problem, and keep you informed until a resolution is reached.

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Regular Site Upgrades

We prioritise your site's smooth operation, security, and compliance. Partner with Appcentric to strategically schedule and execute necessary upgrades, ensuring your site’s optimal performance.

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Flexible Change Requests

Need a new contact form added or a new video banner built? No problem - your support plan includes a number of hours per month for change requests.

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On-Demand Content Support

Updating Umbraco can be straightforward, but if you need extra help with design or layout decisions, our team is ready to assist with a quick call.

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Specialised Hosting and DevOps

Leverage our expertise in Umbraco Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We manage your site’s infrastructure, from code and pipelines to hosting, ensuring everything runs seamlessly.

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Seamless Integrations

Appcentric have integrated Umbraco into countless third party systems including Hubspot, Salesforce, Dynamics, B2C, Auth0, Stripe, Royal Mail, Right Move & more.


A range of pricing plans to suit every site


£725 / month

Perfect for
Ideal for startups and small businesses
Dynamic Marketing websites
Essential Content Management
Foundation SEO setup
Performance Cloud Hosting
Reliable and Responsive Support

£1,750 / month

Perfect for
Growing businesses and eCommerce sites
Advanced Website Functionality
Comprehensive Membership Portals
Enhanced eCommerce Solutions
Full Integration Capability
Monthly Analytics Report

Let's Talk

Perfect for
Suited for large enterprises with specific, complex needs
Custom Enterprise Solutions
Advanced Integrations
Custom API Development
Dedicated Development Team
Strategy and Consulting

£650/ Month

Perfect for
Non-profits and startups seeking to amplify their impact
Simple Content Updates
Basic SEO
Reliable Website Hosting
Always-there Support

£1,495 / Month

Perfect for
Expanding non-profits and social enterprises looking to grow their online presence
Enhanced Website Features
Engagement Platforms
Online Store Features
Seamless 3rd Party Tool Integration
Insightful Monthly Report.

Let's Talk

Perfect for
Large charities, NGOs, and not-for-profits with unique needs
Tailored Digital Solutions
Complex System Integration
Custom Feature Development
Your Own Web Team
Strategic Planning Services

Effortless Transition & Onboarding

We understand that transitioning to a new support provider comes with its challenges and uncertainties. That's why our onboarding process is designed to be clear and straightforward, alleviating concerns and setting solid expectations right from the start. We're here to ensure a secure and supportive shift to our services.

Why choose Appcentric?

Based in Birmingham, Appcentric is an expert Umbraco support provider, creating well-designed applications for both small and large organisations. As an Umbraco Platinum Partner with more than 200 global projects under our belt, we take pride in offering dependable service and support, crafting solutions that drive real results.


Successful projects


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Average response time

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Dependable service level agreements

Find reassurance in our dependable Service Level Agreements. With our commitment, you can be confident of receiving swift, effective responses to your needs and issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Tailored service hours

Our plans are crafted with your needs in mind, featuring a monthly allotment of hours for you to use across our comprehensive range of services. Whatever your Umbraco needs, we’re here to assist.

Exclusive support access

Joining us as a support partner opens the door to our specialised ticketing system and rich knowledge base. These resources are packed with insightful guides and strategies designed to refine your experience with Umbraco and quickly address common challenges.

Unlock your website's full potential.
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Share your details, and an Umbraco architect or development specialist from Appcentric will reach out to discuss your project. Let's explore how we can support your Umbraco objectives together..

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Located in Birmingham, we have been
experts in Umbraco since 2010 and have
delivered 200+ projects for both UK and
International organisations.

Common Questions

What makes your Umbraco support services different from those of our current provider?


Our Umbraco Support Services stand out due to our personalised packages that are tailored to your business's unique requirements, providing comprehensive and dependable service-level commitments. As dedicated Umbraco specialists, we offer more than generic support; we provide expert guidance on upgrades and enhancements, ensuring your site always benefits from the latest functionality and security against potential vulnerabilities.

How long will it take to onboard us?


Transitioning to a new support provider can bring challenges and uncertainties. Our onboarding process is designed to be as clear and efficient as possible, addressing any concerns and setting clear expectations from the outset. The timeline for onboarding your site generally ranges from 1 to 4 weeks. This duration depends on several factors, including the complexity of your site and whether we are migrating your hosting to another provider. If you require urgent support due to contractual obligations, we will try to expedite your needs as quickly as possible.

Our site is currently End of Life. Can you still support us?


Absolutely. If your Umbraco site is currently at its end-of-life (EOL) stage, we can continue to provide you with support. We understand the critical nature of maintaining support for your existing infrastructure. Alongside ongoing support, we will work with you to develop a clear path for upgrading your site to a Long-Term Support (LTS) version of Umbraco.

How will the transition process from our current provider work?


When you switch to Appcentric Umbraco services, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment and carefully plan the migration process. We handle everything from data transfer to upgrades to integration testing, ensuring a smooth transition to our Umbraco care. This allows us to guarantee a smooth migration to our support services, mitigating risks and minimising downtime.

What are your Service Level Agreement terms and what response times can I expect?


Our SLA is characterised by a commitment to swift and effective resolution times, graded by issue severity. Critical outages or security concerns are addressed in less than 1 hour, high-priority issues within 4 hours, medium concerns within 8 hours, and low-priority items by the next business day, reflecting our dedication to maintaining your site's integrity and uptime.

How do you ensure web security?


Security is a cornerstone of our Umbraco support services. We conduct regular vulnerability assessments and updates to protect against emerging threats and employ stringent access controls for your Umbraco sites. Our proactive approach ensures that your Umbraco website platform, whether an extranet or intranet, is well-protected against security vulnerabilities, including Umbraco EOL concerns.

What is your backup schedule and what steps are involved in restoring a website if required?


Our backup protocol involves daily snapshots of your Umbraco site and a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. In the event of a disruption, we can quickly restore your site to its latest state, ensuring continuous operation and data integrity.

How do you measure and report on the performance and health of our website?


We continuously monitor performance and health metrics for your Umbraco site and provide detailed reports on upgrades, system health, and user engagement. Our value-driven approach ensures that your Umbraco solutions are continually optimised for the best possible performance.

Do you provide hosting services?


Yes we provide hosting on either Microsoft Azure or Umbraco Cloud at an additional cost.  We are happy to talk through the hosting options when onboarding you as a support partner.

Can you provide SEO, PPC and Marketing Support?


We can provide SEO, PPC, Social or Marketing services if needed. These are tailored to your specific needs and are available at an additional cost.

Do you use contractors, freelancers or offshore developers?


Our commitment to quality and seamless collaboration means we rely exclusively on our in-house, UK-based team located in central Birmingham. This approach ensures that you have access to full-stack Umbraco developers, UX/UI designers, solutions architects, QA engineers, and project managers who are all working under one roof. By not outsourcing to contractors, freelancers, or offshore entities, we maintain control over our projects, offering consistent, high-quality support and safeguarding your site’s performance and reliability with a hands-on approach that is essential for delivering agile support.

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